Teleconference tips

From an article by Ghislaine Caulat and Erik de Haan at Ashridge Business School.
  • Be in a quiet room and alone.
  • All participants should use the same virtual communication channel, namely the telephone, even if some of them happen to be in the same location and could in fact meet face-to-face.
  • Use technology that is as stable as possible: bad connections are frustrating when careful reflection is required.
  • Don’t work, drive or read during the session.
  • Take sufficient time for the session and do not squeeze it in between other activities.
  • Some journaling after the session is recommended, in order to capitalise on the learning.
  • Confidentiality (as in face-to-face).
  • Commitment to the dates.
  • Punctuality (even more critical than in face-to-face).
  • Clear time scheduling, particularly when different time zones are involved.