Great climate change videos

Two key videos

Great climate change advert the UK Govt did a few years back:

The essentials about Climate Change Tipping Points:

Short videos

The Ad Council of US produced three adverts for the Environmental Defense train advert - The first is the best.
Find out more about what the Ad Council did at

Greenpeace adverts:
- Very funny "Aliens" advert -
- Ages of man advert:
- Earth "breathing" advert:
- Rather odd advert about shifting to energy-efficient light bulbs:
- Energy (R)evolution adverts:
- Angry kid ad - really powerful, but a bit demotivating:

Well-produced National Geographic videos:
- The basics of global warming:
- Good vid on whether we can we survive 6 degrees warmer?
- The "4 degrees" version is scary enough:

Two ads from Al Gore's We Can Solve It Alliance
- Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson join together:
- Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrinch:
"Together, We Can Repower America"

- "Black balloons", from Sustainability Victoria. Quite a good visualization of CO2:

- Silly, but entertaining, "Raccoon Rant" on climate change.

"Interesting" Blue Man clip -

- MTV global warming clip - great animation - 10 years and counting:

- Simple but nice. From

Longer videos

Al Gore's inspiring speech in July 2008, with music and film.

A couple of videos aimed at people not sure what to believe:
- David Attenborough talking about how he was convinced -
- Very popular (1.5 million views) "talking head" video that takes a sort of risk management argument to the issue -

The US "60 Minutes" explanation of what's going on. Quite good.

Greenpeace’s Hotseat campaign 11 mins

How a small country, Kiribati, is being pounded by climate change.
- Greenpeace video
- "The Rising Tide", film about the climate change threat to Kiribas, including the Kiribas Govt's view.

A very funny Will Ferrell take-off of a Bush climate change speech

- DeCaprio global warming summary focused on oil as "ancient sunlight" - educational: